August 28, 2016


Become the Big Fish of the Smuggling Empire

Take the role of an eastern European punk that got out the jail somewhere in the wildness of a post-Soviet country. You have to try to get enough money to survive and get to the top of smuggling empire.

Each time you play the game you will face different challenges:
How to get enough money to start smuggling.
How to move bigger amounts of “goods” through the country border.
How to sell “goods” to get the best profit.
How to avoid customs and police officers.
How to find the best vehicle to smuggle goods.
How to bribe the government to smuggle cargo without being troubled in customs.
You will have to compete with other players to show them who is the Big Gun!
And much, much more…

To reach the top of smuggling empire, you will have to choose the wisest strategy.

Try to deal with the most life-threatening scenarios that will result in a different experience each time you play.