There's always a right way to do bad things - experience yours!

Eastern European: The Game

Open world

Explore beautiful landscapes which are based on real GIS and terrain data. The forest hosts occasional small villages with a feel of eras gone by. Soviets have established their collective farms here – meaning that there is a lot of places where you can hide your goods. Authentic village homes are built at ~1900 prevail with large traditional wooden crosses lining the unpaved main streets.

Unique gameplay

To reach the top of smuggling empire, you can take the biggest risk and get there faster, or take less risk but work harder. You choose the wisest strategy! In the beginning, you will play as a punk “gopnik” as you progress, you can move to the higher positions and do other different jobs and tasks to get closer to the top of the Empire. The game is based on true story and real-life scenarios. Even day/night cycle, full weather and seasons will force you to make right moves.


You will face different challenges, such as:
How to get enough money to start smuggling and grow your empire.
How to move larger amounts of “goods” through the country border.
Where to sell “goods” to get the best profit.
How to avoid border patrol and police officers.
How to bribe the government to smuggle cargo without getting caught.
You will compete with other players to show them who is the Big Gun!
And much more…


You will be able to use different cars in the game, old soviet or newest ones, horse carts, bikes or even custom made vehicles adapted for the off-road ride and goods smuggling.

Become the Big Fish of the Smuggling Empire

Take the role of an eastern European punk that got out the jail somewhere in the wildness of a post-Soviet country. You have to get enough money to survive and get to the top of smuggling empire.

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